Who We Are

For over 17 years, Hicks Tire Service has served the Richmond, VA area with a wide selection of quality used and new tires and installation services. Our team is known for providing exceptional customer service and cost-efficient tire solutions suited to your budgeting needs. We offer an incredible range of passenger, light truck and commercial tires that have a 50% price differential compared to the competition. Not only do we provide used tires that are low-cost, reliable, in great condition and environment-friendly, but we have an extensive stock of new tires available if you decide that’s what you want.

Our additional tire services include Roadside Assistance, fleet services, computer balancing, flat tire repairs, tire rotations and much more! If you aren’t sure whether you need your current tires replaced, our team at Hicks Tire Service would be happy to help you determine which tires will work best for your budget and your vehicle’s performance.

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Used Tires

Hicks Tire Service offers competitive pricing on used passenger and truck tires with up to 90% of the original tread allowing you incredible savings. Drivers often purchase used tires because they are reliable, high-quality, affordable and provide a great resale value especially if you are considering selling your vehicle soon. Most pre-owned cars that are sold to you even come with used tires that are in good condition already, so why go through the hassle of spending more on new tires? Our team only provides the best-used tires solutions that meet our standard safety requirements to make sure there is no tire damage to ensure your safety on the roads.

Commercial Truck Tires

Hicks Tire Service can provide you with commercial tires that align with your budget and performance needs. Our dedicated team will help you determine which tire size and type will withstand the road conditions you normally drive on, which may include on & off-road conditions and inclement weather. No matter what distances you drive, conditions you travel through or load size your vehicle carries often, our collection of commercial truck tire sizes and brands are just what your vehicle needs to perform as best as it can.

New Tires

If you are looking for something new, we sell a vast inventory of new tires so you won’t need to feel limited on options. Our offer the widest range and sizes of new tires and brands. Let us help you pick the right tires for the best driving experience.

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