Commercial Truck Tires

You can score great savings on low-cost new, retreads and used tires that come from popular & reliable tire brands and sizes. If you are looking for a specific type of used tire style for your vehicle, our technicians will be happy to help you choose the tire you need! When it comes to finding the right commercial tires for your vehicle, choosing the size and the durability of the tire is important. Install a used tire that will allow your vehicle to perform well through any type of road condition, inclement weather, and load size being carried.

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Commercial Tire Retreading

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Tires

Load Capacity

Commercial vehicles are known to carry heavy loads and travel over 750,000 miles domestically per day. With this in mind, commercial drivers must be able to have tires strong enough to withstand the weight of these bulky loads every day.

On-Road/Off-Road Usage

Commercial vehicles are used on various road conditions whether it be on or off-road. However, you still have to choose the right tires for off-road terrain as they will provide a much more durable rubber and stone ejectors to remove debris.

Controlled Handling with Steer Tires

Depending on the kind of control you want to have over your vehicle while you are driving during inclement weather such as snow or rain, you may need to consider having steer tires installed. Steer tires are specially designed to allow water to flow away from the tire’s surface so the tire’s surface maintains direct contact with the road. However, steer tires must always be at the right inflation pressure as lack thereof will prevent you from driving your vehicle at its fullest potential. For instance, driving with a flat steer tire is a bit more challenging to control and it won’t move as it should, which is why it’s important to choose steer tires that are durable and high-quality to prevail against any type of rough road conditions.

Commercial Tire Maintenance

Routine Tire Rotation

Keep your commercial tires in excellent condition by rotating them regularly. Routine tire rotations will allow tires to wear more evenly. As we understand that the shoulders of front tires and the middle of the rear tires wear down quickly, Hicks Tire Service can help you rotate them regularly as needed to even out the tire pressure in each of your tires.

Tire Pressure Checks

If your tires are overinflated then they will be more worn in the middle and if they are underinflated, they will be more worn on the shoulders of the tire. Avoid an unexpected blowout or any other emergency maintenance services with Hicks Tire Service commercial tire pressure checks.

Comprehensive Inspections

Hicks Tire Service technicians will provide intricate visual inspections of your commercial vehicle tires to make sure each commercial driver’s vehicle steers clear of any tire pressure and non-alignment issues, which can be avoided if caught earlier on. With regular commercial tire inspections, you can keep your vehicle’s performance running smoothly.

Hicks Tire Service: Immediate Pickup & Delivery for Commercial Tires

No matter what type of commercial vehicle you have, Hicks Tire Service can provide a variety of commercial tire sizes and brands for you to choose from. Schedule an appointment with one of our commercial truck technicians and have your commercial tires installed on the same day for free!

Commercial Truck Tire Inspection

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